Pastoral for the planet

Pastoral for the Planet

A version of the nº6 Symphony, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven and also known as the Pastoral Symphony. Finished in1808, it is one of Beethoven’s few works of pro-grammatic music, and the composer subtitled it as Re-cords of Country Life. Now, Carlos Padrissa reinvents the piece under the name of Pastoral for The Planet and mixing it with other compositions by Reicha, Weber, Rietz and F. Mendesso-hn.It proposes an immersive meditation on the relationship between nature and the human being, which investiga-tes the possibility of living without consumption. Although the proposal raises the current point of rupture between the harmony and the ecological resistance of the planet (dramatic and real), the show can have an unexpected turn of direction. This turn is decided by the spectator himself by the immersive application of Kalliope..