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After more than 25 years dedicated to the production of performing arts, macro-shows, exhibitions, audiovisuals, construction and logistics around the world, we have been able to detect the needs behind each artistic creation.

From the idea to the storage, sale and logistics once the productions are premiered.



Festival PAAX GNP

June 29 to July 3 2022

Can you imagine the best musicians in the world playing together in the Mexican Caribbean? Can you imagine listening to them surrounded by the best food and drink? From Alondra de la Parra to Paquito de Rivera. From the Impossible Orchestra to Abbey Road. For 5 days all your senses will be stimulated to the limit. Your eyes will see the most beautiful sea in the world. Your ears will hear the best music on the planet. Your mouth is going to taste the best food in Mexico. Nowhere else in the world can everything be brought together in such a unique way. This is the PAXX GNP Festival, and this is how limitless music is experienced.
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Regarding Festival

November 2022

Their first statement was REGARDING FESTIVAL. An international interdisciplinary festival of contemporary culture, which once a year reconsiders and reinterprets classic subjects, iconic characters, famous images and timeless meanings around a big subject like goddesses, faith or shame.


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